Back From The Bugaboos

November 17, 2013

Recently I went on a painting trip with Robert Genn and many other amazing and talented fellow painter companions to the great out of doors within the Bugaboos, we got helicoptered in to spectacular areas words can not describe, for 5 days straight, we were flown in between massive mountain peaks, covered in glowing golden specular sunlight, over glacier fed lakes, snowy cliff banks and massive glaciers.  We landed on the sides of the tallest mountain peaks, in wide open beautiful flower covered meadows with tremendous mountains surrounding us in a 360 degree view all around.

We were flown on top of glaciers and dropped off to paint, faced by the harsh winds, and cold temperatures, but the glistening light reflecting off the snow banked mountains and ever changing atmosphere captured our attentions and made us forget of such things. We sat in front of lakes, with mountains scaled to a size no one can describe, no sense of scale can be captured within a photograph nor painting, but one must experience for their own, the true essence of mother natures beauty, for here she is in front of our eyes.

Here are some photos as well as a couple plein air paintings for now from the trip, I will update with more paintings from this trip soon.

Sitting on the edge of a boulder on top of a glacier, the winds were strong at this location and it was exceptionally cold, the light changed dramatically every so often.

Up in the helicopter, scouting for painting spots.

Dropped off on the edge of mountains for the day, picked up at night, we are left alone with our thoughts and our paintings, and a great array of compositional arrangements awaiting us.

Me vs The Spire, a start of a painting, had to pack up early as a storm was brewing, climbed up a cliff to get to this point, a few steps backwards would have not went well, and the finishing results below:

Bugaboo Spire From Tamarack Glen, 14 x 18 inches, Acrylic on Canvas – NFS

And the great Master himself, Robert Genn, one to be remembered. One of the greatest humans I know.

Dropped off in a near by meadow, mountains surrounded us 360 degrees all around, as well as a couple glacier fed lakes and streams.

Captured by her beauty, Thunder Water Lake needs to be captured with full energy.

Chatting with a fellow painter friend, possibly talking about sleeping under that giant rock and never leaving this place. Or maybe some painterly jibber jabber.

A painting from the area:

Synergy At Thunder Water, Bugaboos, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas – NFS

Lost in my own inspirational world, in the distance, past the meadows and the streams.

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