Back From Yellow Point

August 8, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini painting trip with a painter friend to Yellow Point, B.C, a small little town within Vancouver Island. The first day we set out, we found a little cliffside along the water, underneath a forest roof, as the weather was changing a great deal. And sure enough once we began, it began to rain, fluctuating between downpour and slight mist. Although the rain didn’t stop us, and we were quite comfortable underneath the roof of the forest. Surprisingly staying quite dry. As we got into the flow of things, within minutes the bright morning view we began to paint shifted into a harsh fog gliding across the horizon of the ocean, and completely graying everything out, to intense light beaming through the clouds within the distance. But, we stuck with it, and mother nature gave us a chance. By this point, things became quite tranquil and all you could hear was the rain drops puttering on the forests roof, with the trees blowing hard, and a horse calling out in the distance, we even had the company of a blue heron. We managed to both finish up strong and head back to camp before nightfall.

The second day mother nature was a little more kind to us, we set out early again to paint, scurrying our way along the rocks of the coastline to quickly find a spot to set up. My friend decided to play it safe and find a spot under the shade of some trees. While I continued on along the rocks until I found the perfect spot, being inspired by endless possibilities along the way. The tricky part is to just choose one. I ended up setting up between a gap in some bumpy rocks. I somehow tend to get myself in tricky spots when plein air painting. As I was out in the open with no cover I was getting a little nervous it was going to downpour as we had another gray day, and the tide was coming in too, so I had to work fast. With not so many disturbances I managed to finish up, before I was trapped by the tide, which later came in pretty close to me, eating up half of the view I was painting.

Day One:

Taking cover within the forest, as the rain begins…

A painting from the area:

Under the Forest Rooftops, Yellow Point, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

Day Two:

My painter friend, set up in the shade under the trees…

Setting up on the coastline, getting ready to paint

The final painting from the area:

On the Coastline, Yellow Point, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

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