Back From The Rockies

November 7, 2014

Not long ago I went on yet another painting trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, surrounded by spectacular mountains at a epic scale, words cannot describe their beauty. For approximately one week, myself and a painter friend, scurried around searching for the best painting spots within the vast forest, and mountains, using the limited time we had. We managed to get some complete and come home with many wonderful memories. For the most part the weather gods were nice to us, until the last day the rain came upon us. Although, as a plein air painter, you learn to love all of the elements.

Some photos and the completed plein air paintings below:

At Bow Lake, found a open spot in all the bush…

A painting from the area:

Bow Lake, Towards Bow Glacier, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas – NFS

Managed to spend all day on this lovely mountainside…

A painting from the area:

Peyto Peak, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas – NFS

Started this one earlier, and it was getting late, but managed to finish this one, keeping a third eye open for Grizzlies…

A painting from the area:

Along Athabasca River, 9 x 12 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

The final painting of the trip, as I started the weather was fluctuating, and the clouds were continuously changing fast. By the time I was in the flow, it decided to rain, and got very windy, by this point I had to hide under my easel hoping that it would pass. My painting was melting and it wasn’t looking like there was much hope. But I was wrong, the storm passed, and I managed to finish my painting.

Passing Storm, 12 x 16 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

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