Justin Beckett is a Canadian Artist.

He is a self taught artist, having always drawn from a very young age and continuing to teach himself through any means necessary. As well as studying from books, other artists work, drawing and painting in the great out of doors, and through trial and error. Most importantly Justin Beckett has adapted his own style, and learned a great deal by learning to paint, by painting.

Beckett is inspired by an array of different subjects, mostly inspired by life itself, and the way light can change the simplest of things, into the most magnificent. He has a keen eye and searches for beauty in everyday life, and has the deepest appreciation for nature. He is also inspired by artists such as The Group of Seven, Edgar Payne, John F. Carlson, John Singer Sargent and The Impressionists, As well as many others.

Justin’s work is primarily in acrylic and oil, but he has also done work in other mediums. His work has an impressionistic, colorful and vibrant quality, with a similarity that many have said resembles the works of The Group of Seven.

Justin Beckett uses everything at his disposal to portray his technique to the strongest point of excellence. He paints with a strong use of values, shapes, color, form, imagination and a strong sense of design and composition. He also paints in a deeper feeling of expression through which he sees and connects with his subject matter.

Beckett is a much disciplined artist and continues to strive everyday for excellence, through study, dedication and experience.



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